Protecting the climate in our day-to-day operations

Reducing the consumption of energy is not only good for the climate, but also makes al lot of sense from an economic point of view.

By reducing our energy consumption, we also reduce costs and often improve the quality of our work.

1. We at Pharma Project Pilots prefer to travel by train to customer appointments. The time on the train is better used for preparing the next appointment. We arrive more concentrated to meetings.

2. If the use of a rental car is indispensable, we choose economy cars.

We prefer to impress clients with the quality of our consulting services than with fuel-guzzling SUV's

3. Our office community shares a cargo bike (with tilting technology) for all errand trips. Thanks to bicycles leased from the company, we dont need cars for the daily commute to work.

4. Even for breaks of 30 minutes or more, it is worth turning off computers and other work equipment and disconnecting them from the network. Power supplies also consume electricity. We use switchable power strips. Switching off the WLAN after work also saves energy.



The stand-by mode does not save as much energy as is generally assumed.

5. We ventilate our offices with care and in good agreement. In summer we cool the rooms by airing them in the early hours before we shade them. During the heating period, we practice forced ventilation for a few minutes – always with the thermostat closed – instead of constantly heating the environment through tilted windows. This also promotes the concentration and well-being of our crew.

6. Good lighting is essential. Here you can really save a lot of energy without sacrificing comfort, for example by using LED technology. Above it all, it makes sense to use as much daylight as possible in our offices on the top floor.

Freiburg is one of the sunniest cities in Germany. We know how to keep cool.

7. Our office rooms are heated to around 20 degrees, while tea kitchen, corridors and toilets are a few degrees less. By lowering the room temperature in the evening, we save a considerable amount of energy costs.

8. There are simple ways to save electricity in the kitchen. We start our modern dishwasher only when it is full. We bubble mineral water ourselves instead of having it delivered.

Seemingly endless topics of avoiding and separating waste can sometimes be the subject of our heated discussions over lunch.