Engineering & Expediting

Procurement and expediting – ​​focus on the best solution

To achieve really the best possible procurement result together with our customers is important to us.

In investment projects, we identify the needs of the future user, we expand their view of what is possible and together we discuss alternative solutions.

As planners and consultants, we see ourselves as an active mediator between user and machinery supplier.
Our team keeps track of your investment project – across all trades.

Evaluation criteria for tenders

1. Quality of the offer

  • Quality and completeness, compliance with the tender / FLB
  • Overall impression (company size, industry experience & reference projects of the bidder)
  • Composition, qualification and availability of the project team, proportion of own employees / external companies

2. Implementation & Project Management

  • Project organization
  • Willingness to cooperate with project team on client site
  • Back Office Support
  • Resource Plan, Schedule/ Milestones
  • Subcontractors and Supplier Transparency
  • Tools, Documents, Reporting, Software in use
  • Environmental and Safety standards

3. Commercial aspects

  • Pricing and transparency of costs
  • Acceptance of the bidding conditions
  • Terms of payment